Our Mission

Eating Better means:

A healthy and balanced diet that actively contributes to the quality of life

A diversity of products in harmony with seasonal harvests

A selection of quality ingredients to prepare wholesome dishes

Fleury Michon America is committed to:

Prepare well-balanced ready-to-eat meals that foster healthy eating.

Infuse regional trends and flavors.

Be transparent by providing nutritional and allergen information as well as the origin of each ingredient.

Develop recipes with no preservatives, additives, artificial coloring or MSG upon request.

Source all ingredients from our network of trusted suppliers.

Improve people’s well-being by fostering healthy eating habits and strong business ethics.

Here are the actions we are taking on a daily basis:

Supply Chain

We ensure the quality and freshness of our ingredients by auditing our suppliers to ensure compliance with product specifications. Most of our partners have been working with us for over 10 years.

"Each supplier is a key element of our supply chain. We believe in a transparency relationship with our partners and we expect them to be rigorous in all aspects impacting our operations, our customers and our ability to innovate."

Isabelle Bergeron, Purchasing Director


We collaborate with an independent group of nutrition experts in order to create fresh, nutritious and well-balanced meals. We develop recipes that meet specific diets and food cultures such as special meals for airline companies. We are also certified to manufacture Halal dishes.

"It is key to stay informed about new nutritional regulations to better serve our clients."

Maxime Binagana, HACCP Coordinator and Regulatory Affairs


Our Chefs develop more than 200 new recipes per year. We are continuously working to improve our recipes to make our ingredient lists short, simple and clear.

"Our Chefs are always on the lookout for new culinary trends. They are inspired by the different cuisines of the world creating new recipes and revisiting the classics."

Emmanuel Desjardins, R&D Executive Chef

Quality & Food Safety

Our facilities are HACCP certified, in accordance with Government of Canada, CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) in addition to being USDA and FDA compliant for export into the United States. We ensure product traceability, from suppliers to end consumers through our quality assurance procedures.

"The safety of our products, whether consumed in flight, at home or in a restaurant, is our top priority. Our teams conduct daily rigorous testing to ensure the safety and quality of our products."

Chantal Gauvin, Quality Assurance Director

Corporate responsibility

We are investing to improve our approach in waste management and working to reduce our water and energy consumption. Our code of Ethical Business Conduct and Anti-corruption provides guidance to all our colleagues and partners.

"Respect and integrity are important to us. Our team aims to live up to those values in all exchanges with our customers, suppliers and between colleagues."

John Allard, President and General Manager

Airline catering


Food Service